Our twin screw pump offers a wide speed envelope and consequently a wide range of flow rates. Now for the first time this feature is available in its entirety with the TSG option.

This special series is capable of pumping both, small amounts of the most viscous products such as candy paste, as well as high flows of CIP liquids.

Its unique gearbox unlocks the FDS series’ full potential and makes the TSG ideal for production facilities with a wide range of flow rates.



With its sophisticated gearbox design the Fristam FDS -TSG is a smart solution where previously large servomotors and special frequency converters were required. It is ideal for production facilities with a wide range of flow rates. The pump is easy to integrate into your system. You can now use a smaller motor to achieve a specific performance. And the best part is: The TSG is much more efficient than the combination of a large motor with a frequency converter.


  • For pumping highly viscuous and especially liquid goods with the same pump
  • For production and CIP
  • Easy to integrate
  • Highly efficent
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