POWDER intake


For fast, continuous and powerful intake of soluble powders. With its compact design the Fristam PE can be easily incorporated into an existing production line or used as a stand-alone, portable mixing station. The waist-height powder hopper eliminates many health and safety risks.

With the Fristam PE you can achieve significant time and raw material savings compared to conventional methods of dissolving substances in large tanks or chambers using mixers.


The Fristam PE is designed to be a universal powder-intake station. Its design allows for the especially fast intake of large volumes of easily soluble powder in liquids. The PE’s design principle of forced passage ensures that all of the powder is quickly blended with the liquid medium. The ergonomic working height eliminates health and safety risks brought on by having to add the powder to tanks from above: no more climbing ladders with heavy powder bags.


  • Fast intake of large amounts of powder
  •  Significant time and raw material savings
  •  Ergonomic working height