Perfectly dissolves and homogenises less-soluble powders into liquid – in just one run. The Fristam PL enables constant, effortless mixing of wet and dry ingredients to create a totally homogeneous end product.

The PL is compact, ergonomic and extremely efficient. Compared to conventional dissolving methods using tank mixers, the Fristam PL enables significant time and raw material savings and therefore increases your efficiency.



The Fristam PL was designed as a universal solution for mixing and homogenising less soluble powders into liquid media. Its design principle aims to create homogeneous mixtures in just one run. The liquid and powder premix is then run through a Fristam FSP shear pump. With shearing clearances of just 0.5 mm and tip speeds of up to 38 m/s, consistent homogeneity can be achieved reliably.


  • Guarantees homogeneous mixtures
  •  Significant time and raw material savings
  •  Ergonomic working height
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