With Fristam you’ll get more than a pump. You’ll receive a comprehensive solution for your specific application. Our profound process-related know-how not only guarantees choosing the perfect type of pump and tailoring it specifically to your systems. But the competencies of our service department will also be at your disposal at any time during and after the commissioning phase.

We shall advise you in all aspects of installation and operation. In addition we’ll support you with guidelines for proper maintenance. This ensures maximum efficiency and the longest possible service life for your Fristam pump, as well as the optimum protection of your transported material.

As all our pumps are specifically configured to the circumstances of your system, we create a particular protocol for every single pump. This enables us to pinpoint the required component in case of wear and ensures the quickest possible delivery of the original Fristam spare part to you. Thus we can ensure maximum operational safety – in the long term: in our warehouse we even have spare parts and components for special solutions that were built more than thirty years ago.

For more than a hundred years we have been archiving the technical drawings of every single Fristam pump and the experiences associated with it. Thus, we have created a unique pool of knowledge that we use when developing and constructing our pumps or in process-related consulting in order to ensure the highest level of hygiene and reliability for you and your product.

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